Take Full Advantage Of Your Backyard In Winter

Winter is coming and you have a superb backyard that you would also like to enjoy during the cold season? In this article, we give you some tips so that you can get the most out of your layout during the winter.

A Heated Terrace

Who says winter, says cold! To have a good time outdoors, you need one or more heat sources. Here are some possible installations that will allow you to enjoy your yard in all the warmth:

The Classic Outdoor Fireplace

You’ve been using the fire pit all summer, so why not enjoy it just as much in winter? Gathering around an outdoor fireplace with a nice hot chocolate is a great way to warm up and relax.
You can even use this heat source to prepare small snacks! Marshmallows and grilled sausages aren’t just for warm summer evenings.
However, care should be taken with regulations on the use of outdoor wood-burning fireplaces. There are also many models of propane gas or ethanol fireplaces that can serve just as well in the winter. Moreover, they are smaller and suitable for smaller spaces.

The Daring Patio Heater

Do you want to dare? With a patio heater, you can enjoy the warmth without being limited by the constraints of fireplaces. Several models will respect your budget and meet your needs. Two types of patio heaters are available to you, either propane gas models or electric models.

The big advantage of a propane gas patio heater is that it is portable. It, therefore, offers greater mobility. The price can vary between $200 and $700. It works with a propane gas cylinder like that of a barbecue. However, it must be installed in a large space where the air can circulate sufficiently to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. The design of this type of device may vary, but it remains aesthetic and can fit well into the decor. 

The electric patio heater is made to be installed high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling, like a light fixture. It heats with infrared light and is more environmentally friendly and economical than a propane patio heater. Its acquisition cost is between $100 and $1000. This type of device is perfectly suited for more restricted and partitioned spaces.

Whatever your choice, the patio heater will allow you to enjoy your balcony or garden practically all year round.

A Furnished Spa Area

Creating a spa area will also allow you to enjoy your backyard all winter long.
There are several models of spa enclosures with doors or without doors. You will be able to protect yourself from snow or rain, which will make your experience more pleasant. A shelter will be useful not only for the cold season but also to create a more intimate space. Moreover, it is recommended to operate your spa all year round to avoid breakage.
You can also choose a more aesthetic shelter, which will add a little more to your outdoor decor.

The benefits of a heated surface

Why not install a heating pad in your backyard to spend your winter evenings there? This is an electrical system that heats the surface on which you choose to lay the paving stone. There are also other types of systems, such as the glycol system, which operates by geothermal energy or using a heat pump.
The heating pad avoids snow removal, in addition to removing the need to put salt or any other product to de-ice the surface. The heat pad is even beneficial in the long run since it doesn’t harm your driveway or your plants like salt can.

Add Light To Your Yard

Sunshine hours decrease during the winter, which is why adding lighting to your backyard is a good idea. You will be able to receive your friends or your family in the open air, even if the darkness comes to the fore at the end of the afternoon.
To create ambiance, you can place your lighting strategically. If you want direct luminosity, you will have to direct your light sources toward the ground. In this way, you will have very natural lighting that will give the effect of moonlight.
For a more festive atmosphere, you can choose light garlands. They can be hung on trees or hung on a pergola to create an aesthetic effect! Also, as you think about your home and your exteriors. We would highly recommend Michigan Pure Painting if you are needing to do exterior touch ups to your home.
As in summer, you can use floor lamps or small floor lamps to light you up. They can define your terrace and add warmth to your outdoor decor.

How To Create A Dream Landscaping By The Water?

Owning a waterfront lot is the dream of many. Indeed, the edge of the water is a privileged place to recharge your batteries and forget the tumult of urban life. This type of development provides a space for relaxation, well-being, and contemplation. With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about landscaping your yard. However, you will need to know a few basics before starting your project.

In this article, discover how to create your dream space on the edge of the water to wow your guests!

Superior quality of life 

Living by the water is a lifestyle that many dreams of! This is why, in recent years, the transformation of its waterfront courtyard into a space for relaxation has gained in popularity.

Owning a residence on the waterfront offers several advantages: a magnificent landscape, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, tranquility, and a calming environment all around. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice sports such as kayaking, water skiing, and many other activities. Thus, your quality of life will be greatly improved and you will no longer be able to do without your yard.

Warm furnishings

To add a touch of comfort, you will need to choose your outdoor furniture carefully. To do this, Pinterest or Google can be excellent sources of inspiration. That said, several factors are important to consider before choosing your furniture, including the materials, the maintenance, and the use you will make of it.

When choosing your furniture, don’t forget to pay particular attention to its quality, since it will be exposed to all kinds of bad weather. If you want them to last, choose materials suitable for the weather conditions.

You will have the choice between furniture in wood, metal, synthetic resin, natural rattan, or synthetic rattan. The materials of your outdoor furniture will vary its durability, as well as its maintenance. So here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Metal furniture should be cleaned using a sponge or soft cloth with a soap and water solution.
  • Rattan furniture, whether synthetic or not, will require less care. You can simply rinse it with your garden hose.
  • Wooden furniture should be placed in the shade to protect it from direct sunlight.

Don’t neglect the comfort of your furniture! Since you will often be outside enjoying your yard, be sure to opt for products that offer a good balance between durability and comfort. Moreover, for a warm relaxation area, choose the location of the furniture on your balcony or in your garden. Then, you can enhance your space with accessories, such as cushions to add a touch of warmth.

Finally, you will have to think about storing your furniture for the winter season. You can store it in a shed, in a garage, or in the house to protect it from harsh winters.

The importance of plants

Plants are not only important when it comes to aesthetics in landscaping, but they also have an ecological role for the riparian strip since they participate in the protection of the shoreline ecosystem. Plant roots help stabilize the soil and prevent soil erosion. They also filter the water that accumulates. Thus, it is essential to choose plants that are adapted to semi-dry and humid terrain.

The choice of plants 

If you prefer plants to trees for your shoreline landscaping, you should prioritize herbaceous plants, that is, perennials that regenerate from one year to the next. These are low maintenance and often produce beautiful flowers. In addition, no need to be patient since they grow quickly.

You can also plant vines or shrubs. These plants create deep roots, which greatly help with soil stability and erosion prevention. They also produce flowers and small fruits.

Add trees to your relaxation area 

Trees are ideal for landscaping the shore. This help protects the banks from the wind as well as the sun. By integrating them into your layout, you will also bring calm, shade, and privacy to your decor.

The rules to follow for development at the edge of the water

Development of the riparian strip is permitted. However, the regulations put in place by the Government of Quebec on shoreline protection must be respected. Your municipality may also have stricter rules specific to it. In other words, to properly develop your land, it is essential to take into account the type of watercourse that surrounds you. Thus, it is prohibited:

  • to carry out work that could damage the plant cover of the shore, or leave the ground bare;
  • to dig into the littoral or the bank;
  • to cut trees or shrubs to plant grass;
  • to use pesticides on the first three meters at the edge of the bank;
  • alter the route of a watercourse;
  • to build dams or dykes for private or agricultural purposes;
  • build a boat ramp with waterproofing materials such as concrete or asphalt;
  • to add sand to a beach;
  • to build a beach.

You will need to check with a landscaping expert or your municipality to find out what is allowed or not before planning the landscaping of your yard.…

English Garden: Transforming Its Green Space Into A Floral Paradise

The English garden particularly stands out from other types of landscaping by its elegance and its vegetation. This type of landscaping was very popular during the Renaissance period in England, from the 17th to the 18th century, hence the origin of its name.

Conceived at the time as a natural landscape, the English Garden can be recognized for its abundant greenery and a wide variety of plants. The diversity of plants, colors, heights, and scents makes it a clean and artistic green space! One of the advantages is that it is a pleasure garden that can be maintained throughout the year. Yes, with great care, your magnificent green space will be able to withstand harsh winters!

Discover in this article how you can transform your yard into an English garden where you love to spend your summer days!

Plan the layout of your English garden

Several factors must be taken into consideration for a successful English garden. Among other things, you will have to pay particular attention to the choice of plants and their arrangement to ensure a harmonious and aesthetic result!

To create an English garden worthy of the name, you have to dare! No more color schemes, monochromatic groves, and symmetry. Your landscaping should be bursting and filled with botanical surprises. Here are some essentials to incorporate into your planning.

A healthy lawn

Although it may seem trivial, the lawn is an essential aspect. Alongside plants and flowers, grass becomes a decorative element that should not be neglected. It must be maintained with care and meticulousness to respect the natural appearance of your green space. As a result, you will need to mow and weed the busiest part of your garden more regularly, while the other areas will be less pressing, but not to be neglected!

Discreet furnishings

Rattan, bamboo, wood, steel, and wrought iron… are all materials to favor when furnishing an English garden. Installed in strategic places, the benches are ideal for taking the time to observe the decor around you. Small statues can also enhance your environment, giving the impression that they have been placed randomly.

Aesthetic flowerbeds

Located along the paths, flower beds provide division and order. They are the secret to the success of this type of development. However, a good knowledge of the plants, their colors, and their flowering phase is essential so that the flowerbeds evolve in harmony, thus giving a natural result.

A peaceful water garden

Why not enhance your green space with a water garden? This will add an atmosphere of tranquility and plenitude. It will, however, be necessary to arrange it in such a way as to respect nature. Your pond may therefore also contain a few plants, including water lilies or floating plants. To keep up with the trend, also make sure your body of water has an irregular shape and depth.

Choose your plants, flowers, and shrubs carefully 

If you opt for an English garden, you will have the choice between many plants. Above all, do not hesitate to mix plants and colors, because the diversity will form a completely natural effect. That said, make sure you have consistent, diverse flowering among your plants. Here are some plant recommendations to create the perfect English-inspired ambiance for you:

Rosebushes: The most emblematic plant of English gardens, the rosebush brings romance and delicacy to your creation. Several varieties of roses exist, but roses with double flowers and soft hues are highly recommended.

Hostas: The English garden is ideal for Hostas and other evergreens. With a good life expectancy, their oval or heart-shaped leaves add dimension while offering an interesting flowering, in the form of white or purple bells.

Perennials: To structure the beds and give depth and height, bet on perennials. These will flourish year after year in your landscaping and flowerbeds.

Climbing plants: Why not add some climbing plants to your English garden? They will give an elegant look in addition to providing an additional height effect. There is a wide variety of all kinds and all colors!

Maintain your English garden

The secret to an aesthetic and picturesque environment? A garden with natural aspects, but which is very elaborate. Its landscaping technique and maintenance are necessary to be able to preserve its natural beauty. This is why an English garden is not for everyone! You have to be bold, a perfectionist, and above all ready to give her love.

Plants and plants change every season in an English garden. The latter thus requires attention, regardless of the time of year, whether it is to feed, water, prune, thaw, or prune the plants that compose it.

Borrowed to walk in all corners of the green space, the innumerable beaten paths also require maintenance. Indeed, they must be maintained to preserve the romantic air they bring to the garden. Weeds must therefore be removed and the lawn must be mowed regularly. You can also consider several types of natural stones to build paths that will require less maintenance.

Have you now fallen in love with English gardens? Although they require time and attention, you are sure to create an environment that is both poetic and elegant. The infinite choices of plants and flowers will allow you to add your personal touch and make your yard a zen environment in your image.…

Outdoor Water Fountain: The Key Element Of A Zen Garden

Can you hear the water from the outdoor fountain gently trickling? Ah, what a relaxing sound! The water fountain is a must-have for your backyard to become more soothing. Will you choose a solar-powered bird fountain or a larger stone fountain? It all depends on your budget and the mood you want to create in your landscaping.

Choose the structure of the outdoor water fountain

Although the traditional standing fountain is probably the first image of a fountain that comes to mind, many other structures are available on the market. We present some of them to you.

Wall fountains and waterfalls

Waterfalls or wall-mounted water fountains can be attached to the property boundary fence, or you can use them as a wall to separate two sections of your backyard. The wall, often built of stones, is a unique element that can make your outdoor relaxation area even more luxurious.

spherical fountains

In a few words, spherical fountains are fountains where the central element is a stone sphere. Very contemporary, this fountain can be installed near the front door or on the terrace to create a remarkable effect.

bird fountains

Some just want a decorative fountain and others are looking for a more practical fountain. Bird fountains are a good choice for those who want to enjoy the gentle sound of flowing water while watching birds. You will be able to contemplate various species there, offer them water to drink and a space to clean themselves. In addition, the perfect mix between the chirping of birds and the flow of water will make you feel as if you were in the heart of a paradise forest!

Determine the desired style for the outdoor fountain

For a perfect arrangement, it is important to choose the fountain according to the style of the house. A traditional fountain will match better with an older style home while a modern sculpture fountain and a spherical fountain will match better with a contemporary style home.

The style chosen will also change the mood. If you want a Zen garden reminiscent of the landscapes of Bali, a Buddha sculpture fountain will bring an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. If you prefer Japanese gardens, a Japanese bamboo fountain with stone basins will be ideal to soothe you.

Schedule garden fountain maintenance

It’s no secret that Quebec’s climate is not always easy to live with! We want the perfect landscaping for the summer, but we also seek durability so that the work done lasts despite the changing seasons.

This is why we suggest that you place the fountain at a relatively far distance from the trees to avoid that in the fall when the leaves fall, the pump will clog. In addition, the ideal would be to place the fountain so that it is not exposed to the sun all day. This will greatly limit water evaporation.

However, if your fountain is solar-powered, be sure to place the solar panel in a position that will optimize its effectiveness. If the fountain pump is attached to the solar panel, it would be better to fully expose the solar fountain to the sun even though you will need to add water to the pond more often.

Shop Outdoor Fountain Material Types

The quality and durability of your fountain, like its style, depends on the materials chosen. Concrete, cast iron, stone, and glass are all examples of possible materials for your outdoor water fountain.

stone fountain

Stone fountains are among the most resistant and durable. These fountains can be outdoors all year round and they will react very well to changes in temperature and bad weather.

plastic fountain

Plastic fountains are the least expensive and have shapes and styles that are as diverse as they are innovative. However, the material is less strong and less durable than stone or metal. Unless otherwise specified, you will need to store the fountain during the winter.

Stainless steel fountain

Stainless steel is a very durable material that will not rust over time. This material adds an industrial side to the fountains. Stainless steel fountains maintain very well; they only require a little cleaning with a cloth when necessary.

Listen to the sound of the fountain

We often want to install a fountain in our backyard because the sound of water brings us a sense of tranquility. Our advice: listen to the fountain before buying it. As mentioned earlier, the sound of running water is key to creating an environment conducive to relaxation.

And then? Are you convinced that a garden fountain will transform your backyard into an exceptional corner of relaxation? You now have all the tools in hand to properly arrange your fountain and create a zen environment. Start by determining the style of fountain that appeals to you, and then the style of your landscaping will flow from your choice. Also, think about the materials of your fountain according to your budget and the time you want to keep it.…

Create A Cozy Fireplace By Choosing The Right Outdoor Fireplace

With friends or family, enjoying the evening by an outdoor fire is always pleasant. Whether baking marshmallows, warming up on cooler evenings, or simply creating a cozy ambiance, outdoor fireplaces are as decorative as they are practical.

Are you interested in incorporating this element into your landscaping? Regulations and location are the first things to consider. You certainly wouldn’t want to burn down your trees or your house because you haven’t placed your fire pit in a safe place! You should also consider the fuel type of your outdoor fireplace ( propane, wood, or ethanol ). The desired effects and the degree of maintenance expected are all different from one fuel to another.

In short, to discover all the aspects to consider when setting up an outdoor fireplace, you are reading the right article!

Check the regulations for outdoor fireplaces

The regulations for outdoor fires are different from one municipality to another. It is important to check with yours before starting any installation of an outdoor fireplace. For example, in Sherbrooke, the outdoor fireplace must be positioned at least 6 meters from any building, 3 meters from any combustible such as trees or shrubs, and 6 meters from any flammable liquid. In addition, the structure of the fireplace must be made of stone, brick, or metal and equipped with a spark arrester.

Depending on the time of year, other restrictions may be issued to reduce the risk of fire, especially during dry spells.

The ideal location for your fire pit

To properly arrange your fireplace while harmonizing your terrace, the location of the outdoor fireplace is one of the first elements to look at. Would you like a fireplace on the terrace near the house to easily prolong the evening outside? Do you prefer a fireplace that is further from the house for a more intimate atmosphere? Depending on the mood you want to create, the location and size of the fireplace will make all the difference.

The size of your patio fire pit

Indeed, if you want to organize evenings with all your friends or family, opt for a larger fireplace. The location of your fireplace will also depend on its size of it. A small fireplace will find a place more easily on your land: balcony, poolside, terrace, etc. However, the arrangement of a larger hearth will have to be thought out in advance.

The shape of the hearth according to the material: stone, concrete, cast iron

Also, plan the shape of your outdoor fireplace. There are a host of shapes, not just square or round fire pits! The shape is usually given by the materials you will use. Many people choose stone or brick to build a traditional fire ring or a complete fireplace. Others opt for concrete to mold half-spheres. Also, steel fireplace models can be purchased at most hardware stores. However, this type of material tends to rust over the years if it is not made of stainless steel.

Fireplace fuel: propane, wood, or ethanol

Several types of fuel are available for your outdoor fireplace depending on your budget, your needs, and your expectations regarding its installation and maintenance.

Outdoor propane fireplace

A propane fireplace offers a very trendy and modern look; gemstones and glass crystals can be placed on top of the fire. Gas fireplaces, often outdoor table fireplaces, present a less imposing and more discreet look than wood-burning fireplaces. Be aware, however, that a trench must be dug on your land to install the gas line. Due to this professional installation, the cost is higher than the wood-burning fireplace. Alternatively, you can hide a small gas canister in a compartment of the propane fireplace.

Outdoor wood-burning fireplace

The wood-burning fireplace is reminiscent of camping evenings. The smell of smoke and the intense heat offer very natural and comforting aspects. In addition, you can easily use it all year round, both in summer to scare away mosquitoes and in winter to keep you warm. This type of fire pit is easier to install than the outdoor propane fire pit because there is no gas line to connect. On the other hand, the wood fireplace requires more maintenance. You will need to cut or buy the logs and empty the ashes regularly.

Outdoor ethanol fireplace

The ethanol fireplace resembles the outdoor propane fireplace in its style as well as in its installation. The only difference is that it is more environmentally friendly! Indeed, it is a gas of vegetable origin. It is, therefore, less polluting! In addition, just like the propane fireplace, it is a smokeless outdoor fireplace, which can become a significant advantage for those who cannot tolerate the smoke created by wood-burning fireplaces. However, it gives off less heat and light than the other two types of fireplaces. You will therefore use it more during the summer season.

The functions of the outdoor fireplace

As mentioned earlier, how you plan to use your fireplace will influence your decision. If you want to use your outdoor fireplace as a barbecue, choose a wood-burning fireplace. You can therefore grill and even smoke your food there. The wood fireplace also gives off much more heat than other types of fireplaces, so it can be used in winter.

If you are looking for a more modern look, an outdoor gas fireplace will be the perfect item to put on your terrace. It’s even the perfect fire pit to burn your marshmallows!

And There you go! Now that everything is said, you can make the right decision. Remember that it is important to check with your municipality to find out the rules in effect on outdoor fireplaces. With this information, you will be able to choose the most appropriate location for your outdoor fireplace, the type of fuel, and, by extension, the style of your fireplace.