English Garden: Transforming Its Green Space Into A Floral Paradise

The English garden particularly stands out from other types of landscaping by its elegance and its vegetation. This type of landscaping was very popular during the Renaissance period in England, from the 17th to the 18th century, hence the origin of its name.

Conceived at the time as a natural landscape, the English Garden can be recognized for its abundant greenery and a wide variety of plants. The diversity of plants, colors, heights, and scents makes it a clean and artistic green space! One of the advantages is that it is a pleasure garden that can be maintained throughout the year. Yes, with great care, your magnificent green space will be able to withstand harsh winters!

Discover in this article how you can transform your yard into an English garden where you love to spend your summer days!

Plan the layout of your English garden

Several factors must be taken into consideration for a successful English garden. Among other things, you will have to pay particular attention to the choice of plants and their arrangement to ensure a harmonious and aesthetic result!

To create an English garden worthy of the name, you have to dare! No more color schemes, monochromatic groves, and symmetry. Your landscaping should be bursting and filled with botanical surprises. Here are some essentials to incorporate into your planning.

A healthy lawn

Although it may seem trivial, the lawn is an essential aspect. Alongside plants and flowers, grass becomes a decorative element that should not be neglected. It must be maintained with care and meticulousness to respect the natural appearance of your green space. As a result, you will need to mow and weed the busiest part of your garden more regularly, while the other areas will be less pressing, but not to be neglected!

Discreet furnishings

Rattan, bamboo, wood, steel, and wrought iron… are all materials to favor when furnishing an English garden. Installed in strategic places, the benches are ideal for taking the time to observe the decor around you. Small statues can also enhance your environment, giving the impression that they have been placed randomly.

Aesthetic flowerbeds

Located along the paths, flower beds provide division and order. They are the secret to the success of this type of development. However, a good knowledge of the plants, their colors, and their flowering phase is essential so that the flowerbeds evolve in harmony, thus giving a natural result.

A peaceful water garden

Why not enhance your green space with a water garden? This will add an atmosphere of tranquility and plenitude. It will, however, be necessary to arrange it in such a way as to respect nature. Your pond may therefore also contain a few plants, including water lilies or floating plants. To keep up with the trend, also make sure your body of water has an irregular shape and depth.

Choose your plants, flowers, and shrubs carefully 

If you opt for an English garden, you will have the choice between many plants. Above all, do not hesitate to mix plants and colors, because the diversity will form a completely natural effect. That said, make sure you have consistent, diverse flowering among your plants. Here are some plant recommendations to create the perfect English-inspired ambiance for you:

Rosebushes: The most emblematic plant of English gardens, the rosebush brings romance and delicacy to your creation. Several varieties of roses exist, but roses with double flowers and soft hues are highly recommended.

Hostas: The English garden is ideal for Hostas and other evergreens. With a good life expectancy, their oval or heart-shaped leaves add dimension while offering an interesting flowering, in the form of white or purple bells.

Perennials: To structure the beds and give depth and height, bet on perennials. These will flourish year after year in your landscaping and flowerbeds.

Climbing plants: Why not add some climbing plants to your English garden? They will give an elegant look in addition to providing an additional height effect. There is a wide variety of all kinds and all colors!

Maintain your English garden

The secret to an aesthetic and picturesque environment? A garden with natural aspects, but which is very elaborate. Its landscaping technique and maintenance are necessary to be able to preserve its natural beauty. This is why an English garden is not for everyone! You have to be bold, a perfectionist, and above all ready to give her love.

Plants and plants change every season in an English garden. The latter thus requires attention, regardless of the time of year, whether it is to feed, water, prune, thaw, or prune the plants that compose it.

Borrowed to walk in all corners of the green space, the innumerable beaten paths also require maintenance. Indeed, they must be maintained to preserve the romantic air they bring to the garden. Weeds must therefore be removed and the lawn must be mowed regularly. You can also consider several types of natural stones to build paths that will require less maintenance.

Have you now fallen in love with English gardens? Although they require time and attention, you are sure to create an environment that is both poetic and elegant. The infinite choices of plants and flowers will allow you to add your personal touch and make your yard a zen environment in your image.…