Take Full Advantage Of Your Backyard In Winter

Winter is coming and you have a superb backyard that you would also like to enjoy during the cold season? In this article, we give you some tips so that you can get the most out of your layout during the winter.

A Heated Terrace

Who says winter, says cold! To have a good time outdoors, you need one or more heat sources. Here are some possible installations that will allow you to enjoy your yard in all the warmth:

The Classic Outdoor Fireplace

You’ve been using the fire pit all summer, so why not enjoy it just as much in winter? Gathering around an outdoor fireplace with a nice hot chocolate is a great way to warm up and relax.
You can even use this heat source to prepare small snacks! Marshmallows and grilled sausages aren’t just for warm summer evenings.
However, care should be taken with regulations on the use of outdoor wood-burning fireplaces. There are also many models of propane gas or ethanol fireplaces that can serve just as well in the winter. Moreover, they are smaller and suitable for smaller spaces.

The Daring Patio Heater

Do you want to dare? With a patio heater, you can enjoy the warmth without being limited by the constraints of fireplaces. Several models will respect your budget and meet your needs. Two types of patio heaters are available to you, either propane gas models or electric models.

The big advantage of a propane gas patio heater is that it is portable. It, therefore, offers greater mobility. The price can vary between $200 and $700. It works with a propane gas cylinder like that of a barbecue. However, it must be installed in a large space where the air can circulate sufficiently to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. The design of this type of device may vary, but it remains aesthetic and can fit well into the decor. 

The electric patio heater is made to be installed high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling, like a light fixture. It heats with infrared light and is more environmentally friendly and economical than a propane patio heater. Its acquisition cost is between $100 and $1000. This type of device is perfectly suited for more restricted and partitioned spaces.

Whatever your choice, the patio heater will allow you to enjoy your balcony or garden practically all year round.

A Furnished Spa Area

Creating a spa area will also allow you to enjoy your backyard all winter long.
There are several models of spa enclosures with doors or without doors. You will be able to protect yourself from snow or rain, which will make your experience more pleasant. A shelter will be useful not only for the cold season but also to create a more intimate space. Moreover, it is recommended to operate your spa all year round to avoid breakage.
You can also choose a more aesthetic shelter, which will add a little more to your outdoor decor.

The benefits of a heated surface

Why not install a heating pad in your backyard to spend your winter evenings there? This is an electrical system that heats the surface on which you choose to lay the paving stone. There are also other types of systems, such as the glycol system, which operates by geothermal energy or using a heat pump.
The heating pad avoids snow removal, in addition to removing the need to put salt or any other product to de-ice the surface. The heat pad is even beneficial in the long run since it doesn’t harm your driveway or your plants like salt can.

Add Light To Your Yard

Sunshine hours decrease during the winter, which is why adding lighting to your backyard is a good idea. You will be able to receive your friends or your family in the open air, even if the darkness comes to the fore at the end of the afternoon.
To create ambiance, you can place your lighting strategically. If you want direct luminosity, you will have to direct your light sources toward the ground. In this way, you will have very natural lighting that will give the effect of moonlight.
For a more festive atmosphere, you can choose light garlands. They can be hung on trees or hung on a pergola to create an aesthetic effect! Also, as you think about your home and your exteriors. We would highly recommend Michigan Pure Painting if you are needing to do exterior touch ups to your home.
As in summer, you can use floor lamps or small floor lamps to light you up. They can define your terrace and add warmth to your outdoor decor.

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