Outdoor Water Fountain: The Key Element Of A Zen Garden

Can you hear the water from the outdoor fountain gently trickling? Ah, what a relaxing sound! The water fountain is a must-have for your backyard to become more soothing. Will you choose a solar-powered bird fountain or a larger stone fountain? It all depends on your budget and the mood you want to create in your landscaping.

Choose the structure of the outdoor water fountain

Although the traditional standing fountain is probably the first image of a fountain that comes to mind, many other structures are available on the market. We present some of them to you.

Wall fountains and waterfalls

Waterfalls or wall-mounted water fountains can be attached to the property boundary fence, or you can use them as a wall to separate two sections of your backyard. The wall, often built of stones, is a unique element that can make your outdoor relaxation area even more luxurious.

spherical fountains

In a few words, spherical fountains are fountains where the central element is a stone sphere. Very contemporary, this fountain can be installed near the front door or on the terrace to create a remarkable effect.

bird fountains

Some just want a decorative fountain and others are looking for a more practical fountain. Bird fountains are a good choice for those who want to enjoy the gentle sound of flowing water while watching birds. You will be able to contemplate various species there, offer them water to drink and a space to clean themselves. In addition, the perfect mix between the chirping of birds and the flow of water will make you feel as if you were in the heart of a paradise forest!

Determine the desired style for the outdoor fountain

For a perfect arrangement, it is important to choose the fountain according to the style of the house. A traditional fountain will match better with an older style home while a modern sculpture fountain and a spherical fountain will match better with a contemporary style home.

The style chosen will also change the mood. If you want a Zen garden reminiscent of the landscapes of Bali, a Buddha sculpture fountain will bring an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. If you prefer Japanese gardens, a Japanese bamboo fountain with stone basins will be ideal to soothe you.

Schedule garden fountain maintenance

It’s no secret that Quebec’s climate is not always easy to live with! We want the perfect landscaping for the summer, but we also seek durability so that the work done lasts despite the changing seasons.

This is why we suggest that you place the fountain at a relatively far distance from the trees to avoid that in the fall when the leaves fall, the pump will clog. In addition, the ideal would be to place the fountain so that it is not exposed to the sun all day. This will greatly limit water evaporation.

However, if your fountain is solar-powered, be sure to place the solar panel in a position that will optimize its effectiveness. If the fountain pump is attached to the solar panel, it would be better to fully expose the solar fountain to the sun even though you will need to add water to the pond more often.

Shop Outdoor Fountain Material Types

The quality and durability of your fountain, like its style, depends on the materials chosen. Concrete, cast iron, stone, and glass are all examples of possible materials for your outdoor water fountain.

stone fountain

Stone fountains are among the most resistant and durable. These fountains can be outdoors all year round and they will react very well to changes in temperature and bad weather.

plastic fountain

Plastic fountains are the least expensive and have shapes and styles that are as diverse as they are innovative. However, the material is less strong and less durable than stone or metal. Unless otherwise specified, you will need to store the fountain during the winter.

Stainless steel fountain

Stainless steel is a very durable material that will not rust over time. This material adds an industrial side to the fountains. Stainless steel fountains maintain very well; they only require a little cleaning with a cloth when necessary.

Listen to the sound of the fountain

We often want to install a fountain in our backyard because the sound of water brings us a sense of tranquility. Our advice: listen to the fountain before buying it. As mentioned earlier, the sound of running water is key to creating an environment conducive to relaxation.

And then? Are you convinced that a garden fountain will transform your backyard into an exceptional corner of relaxation? You now have all the tools in hand to properly arrange your fountain and create a zen environment. Start by determining the style of fountain that appeals to you, and then the style of your landscaping will flow from your choice. Also, think about the materials of your fountain according to your budget and the time you want to keep it.…